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What is Audio content?

Our world is becoming more and more digital. Instead of providing only text based options, companies are also offering digital options.
Digital world has introduced us to the world of Audiobooks, virtual trainings etc.
The audio required for these purposes are termed as Audio content.

Can a computer really match human narration?

Yes, and no.
If you can afford manual audio creation, then we strongly suggest that you opt for human narrator.
The latest computer based natural voice solutions can copy and imitate human voice. This computer based Natural voice solutions offer wonderful opportunities to small-scale companies, publishers and authors to avail audio based opportunities.
Also, the time to create audio content using computer based solutions is very less (~5 days) compared to manual work (~1+ months).

What are the advantages of using computer based Natural voice solutions for generating audio content?

The most important advantages are cost and time.
Traditional solutions take almost a month while computer based Natural voice solutions take less than 5 days to complete.
An audiobook created using a narrator costs a minimum $1500 while our solution will cost only around $100.

Can I sell the audiobooks created from your service in popular audiobook services?

Right now, most of the Audiobook providers do not accept computer generated Audiobooks.
But you can sell it directly using your website, or you can set up a simple online shop and sell it as well.
Since the investment is less, you can also offer it for free to build your readers / followers / subscribers.

How much will it cost me to create an audio content?

The cost of a work is custom calculated based on the size of your text content. You can use our online cost calculator tool to get a rough estimate.

How can I share my text content?

Please visit Create Audio Content page for sharing your content and also selecting your preferred voice options.
Once we receive your text we will start processing it. You can specify your custom needs in the Create Audio Content page, and we will try to implement them.

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